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You just launched your app. What you need now is users! With ayeT-Studios’s CPI campaigns, you can grow your user base quickly by promoting your service to highly engaged consumers on a global scale.

With our CPI campaigns you only pay when a user installs and opens your app, which will lead to a cost-effective distribution of your advertising budget, engaged users without any wasted media spend and an increase of your apps discoverability across the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Campaign Types

  • Standard CPI
  • High Retention CPI
  • Managed CPI


ayeT-Studios’s CPA campaigns provide a proven method for acquiring and retaining quality users at high volumes. CPA campaigns not only drive users to your app, but make them interact the way you intend to.

With CPA campaigns you can predefine conversion events that users have to achieve before they are getting rewarded. Ensuring extensive use of your app and the guarantee that the users have seen your best features and content.

Campaign Types

  • Standard CPA
  • Managed CPA


With CPE campaigns you are buying direct engagement time!

Your bid determines the amount of time a user will spend within your app. The higher your bid, the longer a user will be rewarded for engaging with your app.

If a user happen to stop engaging with your app before he managed to deplete the allocated engagement budget within 30 days, any remaining budget will be refunded to your campaign.

Engagement campaigns will always be under review after creation. We review each app individually to make sure it meets our quality standards.



Imagine that: You spent a lot of money on user acquisition, but your retention is poor. What now?

You got the feeling that improving the sign up process, adding new features and items, changing the layout or working over the design might help. But where should you start? Which factor is really the crucial factor for your success?

You can’t be sure – unless you ask your audience directly! No problem, we got you covered. With our survey service you are now able to find out directly what’s on your customers mind. Just ask the users that have installed your app or even ask them directly in your app.

Social Media

Times have changed – at least for generation Y. Consuming content via social media is common, consuming TV on a regular basis not so much.

Get to the influencers your audience really trusts! Influencers in social media channels can transport your message with much more impact compared to other advertising channels. Just like an interview or an opinion of a celebrity is perceived so much more by any given audience. Use our influencer base to leverage your business.

You name the channel, we are connecting you to the influencers. We got our network embraced through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and Tumblr.


Android, iOS, Unity or Adobe Air? It doesn’t matter!
No matter what platform you are developing your apps for, we will help you grow your audience.


Tracking Solutions

We are integrated with the major tracking providers. Just setup your campaign and add your tracking link!


Our Dashboard

Discover our in-house developed, self service and easy to use dashboard for advertisers!

Easily setup campaigns for your app within seconds. Stay in full control over campaign setup and management to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. Additionally, you have access to real-time reporting. Find everything you need to run and analyze your campaigns in one place. If you need advice or high volume campaigns, feel free to contact your dedicated accoung manager – managed campaigns are available upon request.

1. Add Funds

Add funds in order to create new campaings. Select from various payment methods like paypal, skrill, bitcoin or wire.

2. Create Campaign

Our easy to use campaign creation dialog will guide you through your first campaign set up – step by step.

3. Manage Campaigns

All important information in one place. Use our dashboard for campaign management, live reporting and statistics.

Discover cost efficient incent advertising. Sign up now for a free trial!

Partner Ad Networks

We are happy to work together with several leading ad networks including clicksmob, archy, fyber, trialpay and adcolony.


Our Customers

We are working for our customers! Improving their apps, growing their businesses and establishing their brands is our main incentive. But please see for yourself.

We use it like a booster and i can tell you, it is worth it!

Péter Horánszky
Péter HoránszkyCEO - OtterWorks

Your dashboard is easy to use, very fast approval times, excellent prices with good traffic volumes, and no tracking SDK is needed! Also we like the option to add a tracking SDK to get higher traffic volumes. Oh and I forgot to add, that the support is excellent 🙂

Martin Gabriel
Martin GabrielCEO - Tinysoft

The results we have seen with ayeT-Studios were more than satisfying.

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