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Our Mission

Make ad engagement fun and rewarding by building best in
class rewarded ad monetization and user acquisition tools for
publishers, advertisers and users to create positive and
memorable ad experiences.

Our Team

David Heuer

Pascal Ludynia

Florian Brede

Ivan Marinkovic

Alina Dettmer

Till Grüning

Zoran Stankovic

Maximilian Koch

Svenja Neuse

Lukas Dreyer


Ivan Ninov

Zora Ivony

Spasija Elenova

Shahin Amirov

Jörn Gebert

James Lonergan

Büsra Atabey

Marius Ciobanasu

Majd Alsous

Philipp Kutsch

Michele Gabriele Rotella

Ross Brown

André Beato

Business Partner

Our Product

ayeT-Studios is a Rewarded Ads Platform specialized in Offerwall and Rewarded Video Ad Monetization for Web, Mobile Web and In-App Traffic.

More than 400+ Publishers trust ayeT’s cutting edge monetization solutions.
More than 800+ Advertisers leverage ayeT’s tools to acquire loyal and engaged users.

Publishers can monetize their traffic with our Offerwall and Rewarded Video solutions built for iOS, Android and the Open Web. Complementing APIs like a Reporting API, an Offerwall API as well as a Static Offers API will create a rich set of options to increase and complement your monetization strategy.

Our hybrid system of Header Bidding via prebid.js and a classic waterfall setup will help you leverage diverse video demand to monetize your browser and client based games and services via Rewarded Video.

Advertisers can use our intelligent platform to create, run and optimize their rewarded ad campaigns across our diverse set of direct publisher integrations.

Set up CPI, CPA or Multi-Engagement Campaigns and tap into premium direct supply. Use our self serve dashboard to take full control of your ad spend, but never hesitate to ask our talented and dedicated account managers to help finding your ideal ad campaign strategy and optimization.

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